Bridal... unique jewelry for your wedding party!

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Bridal... unique jewelry for your wedding party!

So excited to enter June...when summertime in New England feels a bit closer to my home country Dominican Republic. And also when the season of love is in full swing with wedding season.

I love weddings as people who know me know how much I love a romantic story. But I also really love the elegant style, creativity, personality that comes through with each unique touch, and coming together of families around a new beginning.

It was in fact my wedding that started the idea to create my own jewelry business after people commented on my wedding accessories. So I guess you could say out of my own love story a business was born.

Today, at my Esmeralda store in Cambridge, I have curated a selection of handmade beautiful ready-to-wear accessories for brides, bridal parties, mothers of brides and guests. Pearls, to crystals, to natural gem stones all handcrafted by small artisan business like my own. I also have created customized sets for brides and parties using my own collection where I work with you to coordinate colors & styles to match perfectly.

So, enjoy the summer and if you are having or invited to a special event keep my boutique in mind and I would love to help style you!



The main characteristics for accessorizing bridal jewelry:

Neckline: sets the stage for necklace & earrings size.

Hair: updo, down & hair pieces all play into design choices.

Details: beading/accents to consider when matching.

Bridesmaid/wedding colors: blend pearl & color accents.

Theme: black tie, island, etc. are guides for formality & style.

Personality: most important as a bride’s expression of herself.


Bridal Necklines



The characteristics are the same as brides in neckline, hair, etc., but room to play with colors & unique personalities.

Color Swatch/Photo: With a color swatch, website link or photo we can match colors and tones.
Earring/Necklace style: pending the dress neckline, hair and personality you can choose the necklace & earrings that support but don’t overshadow. We recommend if the dress has a lot of detail up top to forego the necklace and go for statement earrings. Or do simple studs and a nice pendant which has color
accents to match dress.
Symmetry vs. Unique: Whether each bridesmaid has the same dress,
the maid of honor has a separate style or each has their own
style, this sets the tone for where we can play with consistency or
uniqueness of jewelry to mimic or show individuality.
Mothers: The bride is best dressed, but mothers are a close second.



If you are looking for simple and classic jewelry that looks like diamonds (without braking the bank!), I got you covered!
High quality  cubic zirconia set on sterling silver and platinum plated for a high end look that will make you look like million bucks! Earrings ranges $26-$150 and $26 Necklaces ranges $50- $130.


Estella - Bridal



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