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Wearing statement jewelry.

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Wearing statement jewelry.

I love statement jewelry. How it makes me feel. How it can change my mood, my confidence. How my husband looks at me when I wear it. It is like putting on an amazing pair of heels but with no regret of pain later.

But not all statement jewelry is alike. Many look great from afar, but are far from great up close. That is why i encourage you to look closer at the details. What it is made from, where it is made, who made it, what quality for the price you pay.

My team of women artisans and i value things done the old fashioned way with an elegant modern twist. Quality handcrafted weaving techniques, using fine crystals and gemstones, with sterling silver and gold-filled findings for skin sensitivity, in unique color palettes and styles. Details matter.

Just like we scrutinize over what goes in our bodies..I encourage us to take note of what goes on our bodies. So go ahead zoom in and see our work...we wont let you down!


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