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Handmade Neiva Natural Tagua Necklace

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Collection: Tagua

-Handcrafted (hand-picked natural seeds)

- Handmade by Neyla

- Adjustable length

- Care: avoid wet conditions and extreme humidity

- Made in Colombia

-Materials:  Tagua Nut

Tagua comes from palms reaching up to 20 m tall. They are commonly known as ivory palms. Tagua is also known as vegetable ivory. Vegetable ivory stimulates local economies in South America, provides an alternative to cutting down rainforest for farming and prevents elephants from being killed for the ivory in their tusks. Because of its size and consistency, it can be used as the whole seed, or sliced, cut through or as a combination of all the above. We use this versatile seed to craft gorgeous jewelry pieces that bulge from masses making you stand out from the crowd.

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